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I’m a passionate software developer and outdoorsman from Charleston, SC. With over years in the field, my experience stems from a life-long interest in technology, a degree in Computer Information Systems, and The Iron Yard’s intensive Front End Engineer course. My mission is to grow my skills and contribute to awesome projects. I currently live in Boulder, Colorado and spend my time creating products people love with thoughtbot.

My Toolbox

  • React
  • Next
  • Redux
  • NodeJS
  • Apollo Graphql
  • Amazon Web Services

Web Languages

  • html
  • css
  • javascript



Always ready for a challenge.

  • Houston Food Bank

    Houston Food Bank Maps

    Partner locator map for the city of Houston.
    Built for Houston Food Bank.
    NodeJS, Google APIs, Apollo GraphQL, and SQL

    View Built with
  • Thrive CRM

    Thrive CRM

    Thrive CRM for Gmail and Inbox.
    Add contacts with a single click.
    Convert emails into trackable opportunities.

    Built with
  • Gastronaut


    Find restaurants and food news.
    Available in:
    Houston, TX, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR.

    Built with
  • Youtrade


    An all-in-one stock market trading
    app for the everyday investor.

    Built with
  • Trail


    Connecting runners and cyclist so they
    can enjoy the outdoors together.
    -The Iron Yard Final Project

  • Swamp Rabbit Cafe

    Swamp Rabbit Cafe

    An ordering and recipe creation application
    for a local cafe in Greenville, SC.
    -The Iron Yard Team Project

  • Surf & Paddle

    Surf & Paddle

    Pixel perfect rendition of a PSD file
    using HTML5, CSS3. and SASS.
    -The Iron Yard Weekend Project

  • Want to see more?

    Check out my GitHub profile.



I am avaliable for freelancing and would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me.